Api - Linen and Cotton Placemat

Colour: Avio Api
Quantity Delivery: 8 days + shipping

Rectangle placemat set in linen (50%) and cotton (50%). Embellished with à jour hem.

Little bees are designed with Jacquard method.

"Jacquard" means that a "motif" is woven directly into the fabric, instead of being drawn or printed.

The design is created through the interweaving of the warp, that is the base, and the weft, that is inserted several times inside the warp, going to constitute the armor (the design and the fabric itself).

Besides being an fine decorative element, the "à jour" stitch works like a real hem, stopping the lapel of the fabric, while grouping the threads to form the pull-out.

Product Code 13/924/61

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