Made in Italy elegance in Florence, Italy

Mazzoni Casa is truly a neighborhood boutique which started out as a luxury household linens store. It has now become part of the Italian craftsmanship's heritage and the online Made in Italy ambassador.

We craft and select household linens defining the art of current Italian living by working from unparalleled quality fabrics with passion and expertise.We seek out the most exclusive materials and turn them into household key items, such as blankets, sheets and tablecloths. We select, make and offer modern style, exquisite and distinctive décor accessories as well as pajamas, men's shirts and accessories.

Everyone's home tells a story. This is why we must enhance our environment with individuality. We are always on hand to advise and help you fulfil all your décor requirements through exclusive and tailor-made advice both online and in our physical store. Discover the pleasure of surrounding yourself with fine linens carefully crafted down to the smallest detail.



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