True Florentine craftsmanship tradition

Mazzoni Casa tells a century-long household linens story.

Established by Attilio Mazzoni in 1889, Mazzoni Casa is the oldest linens store in Florence, Italy. The store opened its doors as a place where traditional Florentine craftsmanship was being heightened through careful research and selection during a time of great innovation and cultural change

This is how an outstanding benchmark for those seeking quality household linens in Florence was established.

storia di Mazzoni Casa has always been about care, passion for the finest materials and carefully curated product workmanship stages since the very beginning. Household linens become an embodiment of beauty at Mazzoni Casa where the range of decor elements are conceived alongside clients, architects and designers in order to enhance every home.

Each home has a unique character which can be enhanced by the objects it contains.

Choosing the décor with which to surround oneself becomes a way of expressing oneself and of decorating one's home while telling the story of those who live in it. Let's tell your story together, through unique and flawless items.


  • Over a hundred years of experience
  • Textile specialists
  • Wide assortment
  • International certifications
  • Strict quality control

Made in Italy

  • Family business
  • Tailored production

Mazzoni, a trust that lasts since 1889