Isfahan - Lightweight Pure Cashmere Blanket

Dimensions: 160 x 220 cm
Quantity Delivery: 15 working days + shipping

Soft and luxuriously warm cashmere blanket with ultrathin fibres. Edged by a fabric ribbon. Soft and light for a silky "second skin" feel. Greatest comfort and unsurpassed sumptuousnes. Light weight, 290 gr/ mq.

Cashmere or Cachemire (in French) is one of the most precious and noble fibers.

Its distinctive features are brilliance, softness (it does not create any kind of discomfort on the skin), silkiness, hygroscopicity (it is a breathable fabric) and high isothermal and antistatic power.

Cashmere fibers are obtained from the fleece of a particular species of goats, commonly called Kashmir goats.

Handcrafted in Italy using traditional methods.

Product Code 15/125

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