Babar Classic - Double bed Winter Season Pomeranian Duvet

Dimensions: 155 x 220 cm
Quantity Delivery: 4 days + shipping

Babar is Mazzoni Casa top level Pomeranian Down Duvet, ideal for winter use in average heated room temperature.

Babar combines the finest cotton Batiste (nano-Batiste) with the most precious Pomeranian bow, creating a masterpiece, an exclusive product for those who want to sleep in an oasis of pure pleasure.

The quilting with fixed squares, maintains the same heat over the entire surface of the garment, while the special flat edge with slots is constructed to ensure that two duvets can be joined together.

Our duvets are 220cm long, in order to cover the entire lenght of the bed without problems.

Made in Italy with great care.

Product Code 16/913

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