Aves - Linen and Cotton Jacquard Bedspread

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Aves is a unique piece, a sumptuous double bed Jacquard bedspread with parrots, leaves and branches motif, reminiscent of ancient tapestries.

Since ancient times, the parrot has a great symbolic value, its emblematic meaning is often associated with the sun, the fire, energy and, consequently, with love and passion. 

"Jacquard" means that a motif is woven directly into the fabric, instead of being drawn or printed.

The design is created through the interweaving of the warp, that is the base, and the weft, that is inserted several times inside the warp, going to constitute the armor (the design and the fabric itself).

Made in Italy with great love.

Custom sizes, personalizations and detailing can be made to order. For more information write to: customercare@mazzonicasa.it

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