Vintage - Pure Linen Stone Washed Fitted Sheet

Colour: Vintage Salmone unito 7515
Quantity Delivery: 5 days + shipping

Fitted bottom sheet. No-iron, pure linen, lightened and softened through Stone Washed finissage.

Linen is a natural fabric called "noble material": 100% sustainable, linen is healthy both to wear and to use at home.

Wear resistant, thermoregulator and hypoallergenic, linen is a precious fabric of great beauty.

Stone Washed finish gives the product a naturally lived appearance, it also makes these sheets extremely practical as they do not need to be ironed.

The final result is incredibly soft and silky, slightly wrinkled, absolutely stylish. Made in Italy.

Custom sizes, personalizations and detailing can be made to order. For more information and orders, write to:

Product Code 11/253/34

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