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Mazzoni Story 

A 4th Generation Family Owned Company

The Finest Quality Bed Linen for over 130 years since 1889  

Mazzoni Casa is the most ancient Bed Linen Shop in Florence. Founded in 1889 by Attilio Mazzoni, this Name has always been associated to Style, Elegance and Quality. 

At Mazzoni Casa, every space, every room finds its unequalled perfect fit, constantly increasing your House’s personality.

A place where Beauty and Tradition couple with Innovation and Contemporary Design.

Our experience in creating the most sophisticated Bed Linens and Homeware Items since 4 Generations, is evidenced through our selection of unrivalled luxury items, unique in bringing together Style and Comfort. 

Decorating your Home is giving voice to your self-expression, it’s like writing your personal Storytale.

Mazzoni’s History shows a constant research for the highest quality fabrics and best-textile materials, focused on every single detail and following closely each specific phase of the item-production and finishing.

Every Home has it’s unique personality reflected by its Interiors, Furnitures and Decorations. Mazzoni Casa will learn about your Home characteristics, will capture your desires and will help you transform its Look and Feel  thus making your dreams finally come true!

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mazzoni tessuti

Why is Mazzoni Casa the best choice in terms of quality value and service?

The Made in Italy Guarantee combined with the selection of the best Craftsmen and Suppliers available on the local Market result in reaching the highest quality standards in Bed Linens and Homeware items.

The Company partners with International Architect Firms and Interior Designers Corporations through our well re-knowned “On demand Tailored Service” designing and producing Home Bed Linens and other Homeware items expressely conceived for single Private homes and/or Guest-Houses. Mazzoni Casa is considered to be an absolute “Must Visit”in Florence by all Luxury Bed Linen and Homeware Lovers.

Mazzoni Casa, a non-stop growing reputation winning the highest customer’s confidence since 1889, for over more than a Century 


  • More than 130 years experience
  • Textile Top professionals
  • 360° Bed Linen and Homeware Offer
  • Global Certifications
  • Severe Quality Control-Standards
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Made in Italy

  • 4th generation Family Owned Company
  • Partnering with Sartorial Hand-crafetd Tailoring Manufacturers
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Unique “A la Carte Service”  

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