For over a hundred years we have been offering our expertise to find the perfect combination

of Style, Design and Colours. We partner with top Home style Professionals to

create prestigious Boutique Hotel Suites, or simply to add a touch of elegance

to Private Residences, always focusing on the End Customer's needs.


We have created a Trade Division within our Boutique premises, a space 

where Interior design Professionals meet with Customers to evaluate ideas and to visualize, on the spot,

colour and fabric swatches and the vast Linen Collections  for Bedroom Bathroom and Tableware.

Each Trade Program Member may request colour and fabric swatches.

We are always available to provide further assistance or additional information




It's simple, all you need  to do is send us an email at the following address: 

with subject "TRADE PROGRAM" 

there are two mandatory documents that we require: 

  • vat number or Resale License
  • image of your business card with website address

Complete your email with the following information:

  • Contact Name
  • Telephone
  • Company Role
  • Office address:
  • Web site and/or Social media links
  • Vat N.
  • Contact  (How did you learn about us?)


We will get in touch as soon as we receive this email 


Team Mazzonicasa