Timbuctu - Camel Hair Blanket


Pure Baby Camel Hair blanket, handcrafted in Italy using traditional methods. Edged by a fabric ribbon. A classic in camel natural colour.

400 gr/ mq, perfect for winter.

Camel's hair are hand-picked with the help of special combs, between the end of spring and the beginning of summer, when the animals naturally lose their hair.

Camel is a soft and luxurious fabric with great draping capacity. Fineness and softness make this fiber an excellent thermal insulator. Its remarkable hygroscopicity, superior to that of sheep's wool, ensures a dry and therefore pleasant microclimate.

Delivery: 7 days + shipping



Single bed: 160 x 220 cm.

Super single bed: 180 x 220 cm.

Double bed: 250 x 220 cm.

King size bed: 270 x 220 cm.

400 gr/ sqm.

Data sheet

100% camel hair

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