Rosso - Fleece Blanket


"Rosso" is our extremely soft double bed Fleece blanket, Made in Tuscany.

Light and warm, it is an excellent alternative to a Wool blanket.

Fleece (or Pile) is a synthetic "fabric" obtained from the processing of polyester fibers which are woven to form a coarse knit base, on which numerous polyester filaments are inserted.

The final "brushing" gives the fleece a soft, velvety texture.

Despite its light weight, "Rosso" gives a good degree of warmth, and it is an excellent alternative to wool blankets.

The blanket can be machine washed at 30 °, avoiding fabric softener and bleach, and the spin phase. Fleece fabric dries quickly, does not need ironing and does not shrink.

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Single bed: 160 x 220 cm.

Double bed: 260 x 220 cm.

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65% cotton, 35% polyester

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